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Military and Veterans Culture Awareness

Military and Veterans Culture Awareness – Focusing on Post 9/11 Veterans and their Families

Contact us at info@usa4veterans.com for current rates.  We offer various lectures to best fit the needs of your organization.

Many of our recent military veterans are seeking transition and re-integration services through state, federal, and non-government providers.  For government and community partners to better serve our post 9/11 veterans and their families, an effective baseline knowledge level must be established to understand the challenges our Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have incurred as result of their combat experience

Instructional Services Offered:

Module # 1: Military and Veterans Culture Awareness.

  • Introduction to basic military terms.
  • Overview of various military service components.
  • Differences between the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.
  • Introduction into combat experiences of our post 9/11 veterans. 

 Module # 2: Deployment Cycle/Combat Experiences/Psychological Health Challenges and Issues.

  • Deployment/re-deployment/re-integration process.
    • Available military programs to assist in transitioning from military duty to civilian life.
  • Issues upon return to civilian life:  An expanded approach towards causes and effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury and other effects of combat on veterans and their families.
  • Department of Defense Programs addressing Suicides, Substance Abuse, Female Sexual Assault, and Mental Resiliency.

 Module #3:  Military Occupational Specialties.      

  • Introduction into Medical, Logistics, Transportation, and Manufacturing military career fields.
  • Conversion Programs from Military Occupational Specialties to Standard Occupational Classifications.
  • Demonstration of various Department of Defense Programs matching military assignments to civilian employment sectors, required licenses and certifications, and an introduction into tuition assistance programs.
  • Department of Defense programs to assist in the transitioning from military duty to civilian life.
  • Veteran's education, training, and employment programs.

 Module #4:  Tuition Assistance Programs and Illinois Military Units.

  • Montgomery GI Bill.
  • Post-9/11 Montgomery GI Bill.
  • Other TA programs – federal and state.
  • Location of Illinois military units, noting the main occupational sector of the unit; plus providing data pertaining to veterans demographics.

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